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Carrie's Live Journal
18 December 2008 @ 12:12 am
Do you ever get them? They sneak in right after Turkey Day and they linger all through the season for me. This year, it's especially bad, for some reason.  My whole family is here right now, ready to be all merry. We have a new addition to the family this year, my little nephew, who is adorable. But all I feel right now is just...melancholy. Not even the comfort food of the season can cheer me up.  Maybe it's because it is the end of the year and I feel like I haven't accomplished everything I wanted to. Or *anything* I wanted to. I suppose 'tis the season for self reflection and all that, and mine is really getting me down.

All that aside, I hope everyone out there is having a great holiday season, and gets everything they want this year!

Carrie's Live Journal
02 December 2008 @ 10:38 pm
Thanks so much for welcoming me! Any friends of Tara's must be pretty awesome, what with all the patience we need. ;)

I'm currently in Atlanta, though I'm moving around a lot lately. Guess what? It snowed here! I grew up in Wisconsin, but I haven't seen snow in a while...so it was so much fun to see the flurries coming down yesterday. It's getting me in the Christmas spirit!

Thanks to Tara (that evil genius!) I am officially obsessed with Twilight. I've only read the first one so far, and I am just totally enchanted. What is it's appeal exactly? I can't figure it out, but it might have something to do with being able to put Rob and Kristen's gorgeous faces to the names.  I am totally salivating over all the new fic and communities with people that share my unhealthy obsession.

Anyway, HI! everyone!
Carrie's Live Journal
02 December 2008 @ 06:43 pm
Is this thing on?
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